Application form for Italian as foreign language /Iscrizione ai corsi di lingua italiana per stranieri

Surname / Cognome
Name / Nome
Date of birth / Nascita
Sex / Sesso
Mother language / Lingua Madre
Country / Nazionalità
Status / Qualifica
Home University / Università di provenienza
Do you have basic knowledge in Italian? / Hai delle conoscenze anche solo di base di italiano?
Do you have Spanish as mother tongue? / Sei un ispanofono?
(No, you are enrolled in A1 level course)            (Yes, you are enrolled in Placemente Test)


In the last question:

·        If You are an absolute beginner and you are NOT a Spanish native speaker you must answer NO, and you will be automatically enrolled to the A1 intensive pre-course.

·        If You are NOT an absolute beginner or if you are a Spanish native speaker who has never studied Italian language before, you must answer YES, and you will be automatically enrolled to the Placement Test